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a back-to-basics holistic approach

to skin care


gua sha
clay mask

60 mins holistic facial | $110    or    90 mins energetic facial | $165

Skin care options include: Fatskn + The Potion Masters + Eminence Organics


friends pedi

60 mins holistic pedicure | $90    or    75 mins spa pedicure | $105

*holistic pedicures are vegan + gluten free.

*spa pedicures can be made PUFA free.

Meet Angela

Hi, I'm Angela

after 25 years of working with women and their skin, I still love the changes that can happen in just a single treatment. I believe in aging as healthily and as gracefully as possible, in locally sourced skin care simplicity, and in nourishing our bodies from the inside and the outside. our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it needs just as much care + attention as the rest of our organs:) as a holistic esthetician, holistic nutrition consultant, reiki master, certified relationship coach and birth doula, I believe that there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to skin care, to food choices, or to the support we need. I want to be here to help you find what works best for YOU, your skin and your lifestyle.

xo, angela


 "During my facial, Angela took care of me in a way I had secretly been dreaming of and didn't even realize I needed until I had experienced it."


"It was part skin care, part therapy and part hanging out and drinking tea with my new BFF, it was entirely what I needed. Angela is very good at what she does."

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