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meet angela

I'm angela. mama of a teenage boy, life long learner, total dork, chocolate lover, mental health advocate, astrology geek, tarot enthusiast, handmade mug collector, and recently, part time university 43.

for over 23 years I have been honored to hear women's stories and given the privilege to be inside of their spaces. to watch them heal + watch them grow. as a holistic esthetician, holistic nutrition consultant, certified life + relationship coach, reiki master + birth doula there are two things I believe to be true.

there is no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to skin care, to food choices, or to the support we need.

and everyone needs a place where all of the parts of them are welcome to exist.

I believe in redefining self care, in aging as healthily and as gracefully as possible, in locally sourced, fragrance + preservative free skin care, and in nourishing our bodies from the inside + the outside. I believe in giving you the space to need whatever it is that you need during your treatment. to talk, to be quiet, to not have your feet massaged, to get cozy under an extra blanket, to keep your phone near you for your kiddos at home. this time is for you.

working with women for the past two decades has been a joy and a gift. I get excited when your face lights up when you see your post-facial glowing skin. I adore when you tell me how much lighter + calmer you feel after your treatment. I love knowing that inside of the daily barrage of both the external + the internal voices reminding you of who you should be and how you should look, inside of the busy chaos of life, that you've found a moment of peace + relief.

my goal is to be here to help you find what works best for YOU, your skin + your lifestyle. because I trust that you know more about what you need than I ever possibly could.

I can't wait to meet you.

xo, angela

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